Slide Transition Speed

What is the quickest interval you can set between photographs in a slideshow? I’ve been working in iPhoto and iMovie, but want to produce some slideshows that have a quicker transition speed. Possibly down to a tenth of second.

We have a minimum slide duration of 0.2 seconds. so almost that an tenth of a second. We’ll change that for a future version.

I’ve always wanted to display slides faster than FM has been able to. Even .2 seconds is not fast enough. I know there’s a “loading” time that’s requiredj, so that .2 seconds seems slow in reality, but it makes it difficult when I want to do some cool effects where images are FLASHING on the screen one after another as fast as possible. I’d like to be able to display maybe 10 to 20 images per second!! I know I can “cheat” using another app, like iMovie, and save the animation as an external file. But I lose quality, and it’s a pain having to go outside of FM to do it.