Slide animation

I am trying to figure out how to make a slide fade in and out, is this the same as ease in and ease out ? here is a screen capture of what I mean


Thanks for the detailed anmiation. The slider and options you showed in the video appears on the pan & zoom of the image. So if the left preview of your slide is the beginning of it, it will move to the position of the right side which you can easily drag to the desired postion. The courve can be set to modify the speed of the animation.

Fading an image in can be done via a transition, there is no transition in your example. So just add a second slide and double click the transition icon that will appear between those two slides.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Rudolf, I am going to think about your comments and have a play , but it will have to be tomorrow…getting late here in Oz ha ha !! will get back to you,

Ok got it now, but not what I was looking/hoping for, it would be much better if I could fade an image without using the FADE Transition, the same way you can with titles using the Opacity sliders,


We are working on major audio improvements, so possibly in the future you will see this.

Not sure what Audio has to do with it, but all improvements are always welcome :smiley: