Simultaneous streams with different content

I have been asked to stream a conference. For most of the event they will have one stream. I’ll be using my 2017 3.1GHZ 16GB Macbook Pro running Mojave, 3 cameras plus PowerPoint in via HDMI so four sources … streaming to YouTube.

The question is … When they split to breakouts we will have two rooms with one camera and one PowerPoint each. Can my laptop safely handle two open documents with separate streams to separate YouTube destinations?

Or do I need a second laptop … and what are the minimum requirements these days? Will a 2012-2016 MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 3520M @ 2.9GHz with Intel HD 4000 Series Graphics w/ 768MB vRAM handle the job? I vaguely remember some discussions about avoiding some specific graphic cards.

A very informative discussion on a new machine is here

So now the first part of my question is most important … can my hardware be successful with 4 inputs (2 cameras and two projectors (coming in as HDMI or USB)) … building two separate and different PIP streams out, presumably from two active documents. Hi Dean, you could try… And we would love to hear the answer to that question!

The only problem might be to operate both documents at the same time. So you would have to go for a more or less static view… But I see not theoretical problem with this.

Thanks @“Oliver (Boinx)”. Yes, it will be a boring and not changing PIP talking head and PowerPoint on one stream and a bit more creative on the other where I am controlling. So that is not a problem.

But the real question is if you think my laptop can handle the two docs open and running at the same time. I THINK it should be able to handle it, but the only way to be sure is to test it with your equipment. You need to make sure that the MacBook Pro is cooled properly.