Simultaneous streaming Instagram Widescreen

Good Morning.
I would like to know if there is a solution, or if there is a forecast to implement the transmission to Instagram simultaneously with the image in 90o (WideScreen).
Some services that allow the transmission to Instagram, already have this option.
Thank you

Hi Filipe.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. You can stream to Instagram from Facebook if you find out the RTMP info. Instagram doesn’t have official API support yet. Do you have an example of the “90o (WideScreen)” you’re referring to?

Before, thank you very much for the quick response on a Sunday, I am grateful and very happy for the service.
I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.
Instagram already allows Widesreen videos to be uploaded to IGTV, applying a 90o rotation when publishing.
I need to do the live broadcast simultaneously to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, but I didn’t see how to do this on Mimolive, as the platforms YT and FC are native to Widesreen and Instagram in Portrait, since the output is the same in Mimolive.
However, I already saw in some Restrean services, the option of on Instagram, “force” Widescreen in live publication.
Please, if in doubt, allow me to put a link to a service with this option here.
Thank you very much

You can create a Portrait stream with mimoLive. If you want to use the camera rotated by 90°, you can also do this with the Placer layer or the new “Scale and Transform” filter.

We’ve done a bit of this on a live stream a few weeks ago:

I will try today.
Thank you very much for your attention, Oliver.

I believe you can upload IGTV in widescreen format, but not LIVE… AFAIK, Live IG is always vertical. Just recently after you finished your live session you can make it into a IGTV but still vertical.

You can use Yellow Duck or to get the RTMP info for a live stream on Instagram. However, this is not permitted by the Instagram ToS so you might get into trouble.

Good afternoon Oliver.
Thanks again for your attention.
Actually, in the last few days I studied on the subject and there is the risk of Instagram suspending your account, when we try to transmit by RTMP.
Let’s wait, Instagram’s next move on this.
Thank you