"Show web Browser" with Remote control

I try to open windows “Show web Browser” from a Web Browser Capture source with a button in Remote control surface. Is it possible ? I want to switch quickly beetwen different web sites. So I use multiple “Web capture” sources and a Layer with many “layer variant”. I drop one web site to another with differents buttons in remote control, but I can’t see web site in large windows and navigate
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You’d need more sources.

Or you could rewrite the url to the source by using httpRequest() and the &update= parameter by a script/by several script variants.

Hello, thank you for your answer
I’m new to mimolive, i don’t know how to do it.
Could you give me more information about this solution ?
Thanks for your help
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I think this is a good point to start:

MimoLive is just restricted by ideas, get inspired. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. For each URL you have to add a Browser source.
  2. Add a layer of your choice
  3. Add variants to the layer (for each browser source one.)
  4. Drag and drop the sources, each per variant,
  5. At web control surfaces add buttons to switch to.
    Done. :+1: