Shortcut to mute audio in audio mixes

In using the audio mix panel to effectively have IFB communication with speakers on Mimocalls, I’m wondering if it is possible to have a remote control surface effectively mute and unmute a source. For Example, I want to talk to speaker 1 without speaker 2 hearing in their IFB, I still need to remain live in the layer stack, but would like to have shortcuts to quickly mute and unmute myself in that scenario. Is this something that has been considered, or is it possible with Xkey’s? I only use a streamdeck currently.

Hi @Brade Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out.

Currently, you can only mute/unmute using the layer stack. This is possible with keyboard shortcuts via Streamdeck as well as xKeys and also in the remote control surface. We’re working on improving the IFB functionality.

Hey Brade You can Also Use an automation Layer to mute the audio as u like.

Use a variant or two automation layers to Mute & Unmute.

HI 203, I can’t determine the language to use to mute within an audio mix using the automation layer. Muting a layer is easy using the automation function, but not within one specific audio mix. Can you tell me the variable language to just mute within one mix?