sharing with stand alone player problem (settings?)

Hi all,
I’m a new Fotomagico Mac Osx user.
After finishing my project, when I need to share it with standalone player, I can correctly export my file on the desktop, but if I put it on a DVD (roxio toast) I can no longer see the project’s images (I can only hear its music).
Is it a Fotomagico problem or a combination fotomagico-toast problem?
Please Help me.
Thanks in advance
Marco Errani

Just to make sure I understand you correctly: You burn the standalone player as an application onto a Data-DVD that you then play on the same or another Mac, right?

yes, you are correct!
but when I play the DVD on my/another Mac the stand alone player only plays music and not the photo slides.
I also tried to drag and drop it on the desktop and play it from there, but I get the same error :frowning:
So I have 2 stand alone icons:
the original one works.
the burned (toasted) one, not.
very frustrating

I guess the images get lost in the burning process somehow.
Can you please find the Standalone Player on the DVD using the finder, and right/control-click it. Here choose “Show Package contents” and there enter the “Files” folder. Does it contain images?


i followed your instructions, and there are actually images files inside files folder :slight_smile:

hmm so burning doesn’t seem to strip the images. Mysterious.
You said you also copied the player from the DVD to your harddrive and played it from there, right? I’d understand if that happens when playing it from the DVD directly since it might be too slow to load the images into the graphics card in time.

Hi Bastian,
Yes, I also tried drag/dropping the standalone player from the DVD to the desktop (which is its original position) and it doesn’t work.
So I’ve checked that the original standalone player contains the images in its “files” folder, as you suggested me: and there are.
very, very frustrating.
If you know there’s any other way to burn fotomagico projects (tutorial or so on) I’ll try it.
Could it be a Toast problem?

thanks for your help!

on the same dvd - just to point out - i also had a standalone player made with 2.5.1 version and it dors not make any problem … - so it’s not a toast problem …

sorry i meant “works” -

so the player made with 2.5.1 version works fine, while the one with 4.4.1 does not…

i just tried to put the player on a key - and still does not work - it only shows the first photo and the music.
i have also tried to drag/drop the player from the key to the desktop and still does not work . only first photo and music.

which is laughingly a progress from the dvd burning result :wink: … but evidently not enough …

would it be possible to compress the standalone player that you created and upload it to dropbox or
If can then mail the link to so we can take a closer look.

Hi bastian !

i just sent you the compressed rar file by wetransfer …

thanks for your support …

hi bastian … did you find out something ?


hallo bastian,
I exported the photomagico work in m4v and i can see it in my computer, but on the computer of my friends the volume ( audio ) is low ( i nearly can’t hear anything ), and converting it in avi the result is the same ( nearly no audio )

could you help me ?

that sounds like an issue with the player on the other system. Did you try VLC and make sure it is set to 100% volume?