Share slideshow FM5,6,14 on M1 monterey

When trying to share with a quicktime file, some pictures are getting with pixelization.
How remove that ? I cannot show the result in my PHOTOCLUB with this kind of defect.
Is it solutioneble and what are the right parameter to avoid that. Thanks BR Richard

Hi @RICHARD_GORRE I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Can you perhaps share the slideshow and the export (or screenshots)?

FotoMagico 5 is not supported on M1 and Monterey, but this problem isn’t known to us.

Is the pixelation visible also if you play the slideshow in FotoMagico directly?

Hi Olivier, I need to play the slide show on a windows device, the club’s PC. And I don’t have a Mac laptop.
The trouble is coming on some picture but different on each attempt (I did ± 15 times).
It occurs at slide change. I tried to increase du photo definition and the result is worse.
As I am a very small user (about 3 to 4 slide show a year) I thought that the new price pattern is to high for me, even if I been a long time user following major changes.
To get a screen shot, I will try but is e very fugitive trouble.
If a move to the 6, will be the slide show done in 5 fully compatible?
Thanks for your help Richard

Hi a view of a part the big square are often with more contrast.
I hope it can help

Hi @RICHARD_GORRE If you only do 3 or 4 slideshows a year, you can stop your FotoMagico 6 subscription for the other times that you don’t need it. You can still view and play the slideshows without a subscription. If you need to change anything, just get another month.

Yes, FotoMagico 5 and FotoMagico 6 slideshows are compatible. FotoMagico 5 will not handle new features such as effects and maps that are unique to FotoMagico 6 though.

Those look like compression artefacts. I’m not sure if that will automatically be fixed by using FotoMagico 6.

This should be fixable by adjusting the export settings. What settings were you using?

Another thing to check: Is that a picture from your Photos library or from Lightroom Classic?

I used the following setting, but I don’t have such expertise to know the best one.
In the past, I never got this kind of problem.
For the subscription, do you mean that is it possible to subscribe for two months, the suspend 4 months
Is this possible ? BR Richard

Hi Olivier,
I was able to install FM6; then I loaded my old slide show
Share and create a new mov file
the previous problem was solved, I think linked to the M1 processor (?)
BR Richard