Share and file is just black

I just worked for a few hours on a slideshow. When i share it only becomes black. Isn’t possible to share in the beta for Fotomagico 6.

Are you sure that your images are jpgs? If they are tiffs or raw they won’t play and you get a black screen when you do. In v5 you got a warning when you added a file in the wrong format or even if the file size was larger than needed. In v6b that’s not the case.
What are you saving as? I just created a short slideshow and saved to iPhone. The resultant mov file plays jut fine on my desktop and on my iPhone when I transferred it using Airdrop.

I now downloaded a tutorial file and shared it/exported it. Also here nothing was rendered. File size very small. Like 8 mg instead of stated 300 mb.

I think someone reported problems with the v6 tutorial. But I download and exported the Animation Tutorial just fine.
However, I guess you should report it as a bug anyway.

How strange. I run on Catalina.

Maybe that’s it. I’m on Big Sur. However v6 should be compatible with Catalina, so you should report this as a bug.

I haven’t tested or addressed this specific problem, but in communicating with Peter, I had issues that he couldn’t reproduce on his end. Turns out he was doing some development and testing in Catalina while I was running Big Sur. Once he booted into Big Sur, he saw the same problem I did. So that may be the cause of your problem. Under FM 6.0b28 I still can’t open the FM6 Beta Test.fms file without a crash, if that means anything.