Setup for presentation

I’ve been invited to make a presentation to a couple of local groups. I want to use my old MacBook Air (mid-2012). There’s not enough space internally to store a standalone player version of the program, so instead I want to load it on a thumb drive. The Mac will be connected to an HDMI device through the Thunderbolt, so I’ll have to use one of the USB ports for the thumb drive.

Question, is this doable? or will I have data transfer rate problems? Put another way, what should I be looking for when I buy the thumb drive. The program is 63gb, so I’ll be looking for a 128gb drive.

@BobinWash Thank you for using FotoMagico. Whether this works or not depends on the speed of the thumb drive and how you connect it so the MacBook Air. It should work if you have a fast USB 3 stick.