setting default zoom ratio for Ken Burns effect?

is there an easy way to set the default zoom ratio for the Ken Burns effect for ALL slides in a slideshow? I cannot find a way to do this.

and more troublesome is that Fotomagico sometimes seems to randomly set the ratio betwen various attempts to insert new slides… I have a slideshow I’ve been working on and the first time I dragged in a bunch of photos, the ratio was somehow set to 1% difference between the left and right preview images of each slide (a couple hundred images). that was fine, and I was happy at first with the zoom levels.

then later I made a mass change to the slideshow, deleting most of the slides except some at beginning and end, and then dragging in a new set. This time the slides had a huge difference in zoom ratios, resulting in a very ugly effect. so I deleted the images and tried again, getting 1% difference on MOST but not all slides - some had no zoom effect at all this time, others had 1%, others 2%… very strange. Anyhow, I would like to set 2% ratio between start/finish of each slide zoom. It seems the only way is to manually adjust each and every slide??

it would expect that there should be a setting in the options panel for default zoom level - just select all slides and then set a setting. but there seems to be no such thing.

surely there is an easier way??