Set up!

Hi, guys.

You are the best and you know it. But, I’ve been having some issues with the audio with MacBook Pro. After the new update it is not recognizing the external source anymore.

But what i am asking is if you can list this set up that was showed in this picture. Please!!!

Thank you!!!

@“Paulo Sérgio” Thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear about the audio issues. Can you please let me know which version of mimoLive exactly you’re using and what external audio device?

We’ve been using the Zoom H5 at this event with no issues.

More details, including an equipment list, are forthcoming. Preview:

Hey, Oliver. Congratulations. This is all we need!!!

My issue was solved with my cable changing. But we are buying a brand new USB Mixer from Behringer.

I can’t wait for the list. We are considering to make the same. I need to learn a little bit more about the NDI stuff. This is revolutionary. I am starting my research before Xmas to start 2019 with lot of good things runnning. Thank you again. Always!!

Congrats… The best software ever. The best company ever.