Set Up for National Broadcast

I’m pitching a broadcast event for a national rally in October where there will be marches in each capital city and at various regional centres around Australia. The aim is to broadcast the live event from a studio in Adelaide with crosses to reporters in various locations together with prerecorded shorts to profile regions and short messages from public figures from the studio.

I intend to Mimolive to YouTube and use mimocall and Reporter for crosses if it is available. I am a great fan of the platform since early days of BoinxTV and have been using mimolive for streaming with mimocall. I have not attempted anything as ambitious with Reporter since it isn’t yet widely available.

So I am forming a backup plan for reporters using mobiles. I have used Skype before mimocall was available quite successfully. The big challenge was always to do with internet bandwidth until now.

I would like to hear from people who are doing this and ask what advice you have for those of us keen to develop this use for Mimolive. I am particularly interested in people’s experience of using chrome on android, and skype on iPhone. I would happily use Reporter in its current beta, I think it’s brilliant though I know the folks at Boinx are rationing the beta while still in development. Please comment if you have an interest in this conversation.

@Dsal22 mimoLive Reporter will be available before October (unless Apple rejects it).

That is excellent news Oliver. What a powerful combination the Boinx team has come up with in Mimolive, mimocall and Reporter. I love it.

is there any update on the release. I have the beta and love it. only thing is i use it for interviews and alot of my talent are 1 time users. i would need an ios app my customers could download. a free version or one i could gift to them just to use for the interview.

@“Andrew Quinn” mimoLive Reporter will be available in about 2 weeks.