Semi transparent layers

Hi! Anyone knows how to create semitransparent layers in FM4?

Hello Oswald, The way I would do it is to make it in Photoshop as a .png file. Hope I am understanding your request. Here is an example I just did with Version 4 with layering. I made an .png file of Jasper the Ghost and had him float in the air through a Ghost Town. It was a Presentation I made for a client who just returned from a trip out West. USA. Hope this helps. Bill

Thanks Bill, I’ll try.

When I saw the “Panorama” slide in the demo I went in to examine the layers to see how it was done – yes, it’s done by layering various .png files with transparent areas.

I played with it (experimentally) and it worked as expected.

Now I’m starting to create my first REAL slideshow using FM4 and I have an iceberg floating on the sea over the background. Looks pretty cool.

Then I went to another image that had a motorboat on the water. I isolated what I needed to in Photoshop using the exact same procedure as the iceberg. When I import the “background” into FM4 it went fine. Then I tried to import the “motorboat” – when I drag the file to the timeline, I can see the small thumbnail contains just the motorboat. But when it finally gets inserted into that slide, the small thumbnail turns “gray” and the motorboat disappears. If I look at the slide itself, I CANNOT see the motorboat on top of the background layer (yes, they are layered correctly).

So, why is it working with one image (the iceberg), but not the other image (the motorboat). Same size photo, same resolution

Hello Stantastic, I also experienced having “dropped in” an extra layer to have then a greyed out thumbnail. At times I couldn’t even save my project so would lose some or quite a bit of my work. (Learned to save a second copy) At times by removing the Boinz Phlist files in the Preference Library and restarting Fotomagico it would solve the problem and other times it wouldn’t. As last resort I rebooted my Mac Pro and twice that solved the problem. I could be wrong but I am finding that I just can’t drop an audio file against the previous audio file which I always did with previous 4 versions. I am in the early stages of testing my theory but when I change from “Storyboard” to "timeline and then slide the audio file just slight away from each other it “seems” to correct the problem. I built a 65 minute Presentation with the Beta versions and had tremendous problems like this but already version 4.1 seems to be addressing "some"of the issues. I do appreciate the new layering and audio capabilities. Bill

First, it’s always nice to know that someone ELSE is having the same problem you are (not that it makes life any better)!! Second, I’m still working on a slideshow of about 45 minutes in length, something like 400+ slides, with music. I’ve included about five audio tracks so far and haven’t seen any problems that you describe. Not yet, anyway. And third, I’ve seen a few posts that reference the “newer” version 4.1 – is it really 4.1? Or is it 4.0.1? I found 4.0.1 yesterday and uploaded that. If there IS a 4.1 version, I’d like to know where to find it.

Hello Stantastic, Thanks for the correction on the version. You are correct it is 4.0.1 and not 4.1 Bill