Selecting high inputs using ATEM Addon

It seems as though the ATEM plugin purchased from Boinx only wants to select the first 8 inputs on the ATEM. I need to be able to select inputs all the way up to input 20 on the ATEM.

Eight inputs are enough, but how do I get around the apparent restriction of only using the first eight?

I’m using an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K along with an UltraStudio 4k.

Anyone able to figure it out? I poked around in /Applications/ to see if there was a configuration file, but haven’t found one. Stored elsewhere?

The documentation doesn’t say much:

Hi! Thanks for using mimoLive and joining the forum.

Currently, the ATEM Controller only supports the first 8 sources. We’ve made a note of your requirements and may address them in a future release.

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