SDI playout is broken in MimoLive 4.0.1

At the 25s mark you see a flicker. This happens randomly, at least once every 3 minutes. The product is unusable.

SDI playout using BM Hyperdeck Mini to TV Studio HD at 1080p59.94

Also another serious bug: a placer layer with a video content configured doesn’t display the video content at all:

You can see the “Title BG” video is selected in the screenshot.

I have to RESELECT the video to get it to show up:

After I exit the application, and reload it, the layer has gone back to not displaying my video until I RESELECT it.

Yes, I have saved after reselecting.

I haven’t gone through the other layers but honestly these two bugs, even just one of them, is serious enough to make the application unusable. I will go back to using v3.

@chrisis Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate asap.