Scrubber Snaps To Start/End of Image

I’m brand new to FotoMagico and am having trouble working with the scrubber/cursor tool in the Timeline.

Whenever I try to precisely position the scrubber in the middle of an image and release the mouse, it snaps to the beginning or end of that image (depending on which one it’s closest to). Is there some setting or adjustment that I’m missing that will let me position the cursor/scrubber line anywhere along the timeline and then let go of the mouse and have it stay in that location?

Thanks in advance for your help.

In a simple word – NO – you can’t position the scrubber anywhere along the time line without it snapping to the closest start/end of the image.

But I’d like to ask – WHY do you need to do this? Could you describe the reasoning behind it? If it sounds like a really useful feature, you can post it in the “Feature Requests” section and the Boinx guys will look into adding it. No guarantee it will happen, but you have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

I find myself moving the scrubber manually between the start and end points of a slide (which has some animation applied) to see it happen on screen, but since there is only ONE start point and ONE end point per slide image, I’m not sure what you gain by having the ability to place the scrubber at any “tween” point and then “let go” and having it stick there…