Scrolling text is fine when exported as an app, but jerky with everything else

I have added scrolling text credits to a slideshow, and they are smooth when the slideshow is exported as an app. When they are exported any other way, they become jerky. Compressing the result with Handbrake makes the issue worse.

I lengthened the time of the slide to see if that would help, but it doesn’t seem to do that much.

I am using my own scrolling, not your snippet.

Thank you for your help.

@agcphoto Thank you for using FotoMagico and sorry for the troubles. Can you please try FotoMagico 5.2b7 and let me know if that helps?

I have tried the version 5.2b7. The scrolling is very smooth when I am in the slideshow, and very smooth in the standalone app. It is just as rough as 5.3.1 when I save to Quicktime. I tried it with the scrolling snippet you provide with the application, and get the same result.

I have modified my closing using a dissolve. I hope this issue can be solved, or perhaps others can shed some light on it.

In the future, I will use a very long slide for scrolling credits. I couldn’t this time as it would create problems for my audio length.

Thank you for your help. Have a good week.

Hi there,
Was the above issue closed and how was it resolved ?
I encounter exactly the same problem running Pro version 5.2b10, and can’t find how to get a smooth and fluid scrolling text (very useful !) after any type of export, whereas it does run smooth and fluid in the live slideshow, or when running the standalone .app reader. I tried to increase fps to 60, tried several keyframe frequencies, nothing seems to work.

Could you please advise and help us all get out of this pitfall which ruins the perception of the show !

Thanks a lot.

PS : also some panoramic moves appear shaky after export, though they were fluid in the live slideshow or app

Here is what I have discovered. When I rendered my scrolling text at 60 fps, it was very smooth, but it also lengthened my video, noticeably. At 45 fps, it still rendered jerky. This is rendering to Quicktime, and other formats, not to the standalone playback app.

Scrolling text renders best if the duration of the slide allows for the text to scroll at a more leisurely pace. Make sure it renders properly before you add music, or there could be problems with making everything work together as you want it to.

I hope this helps people have

I’m guessing that the jerkiness would be a result of the compression that takes place in converting Fotomagico shows to a different format.