Screen Share Resolution

Forgive the naive question but if the screen you are sharing from is higher resolution will the screen share retain that…eg. on a 4k screen imac can you simultaneously share two 1080p windows open on the same screen (cutting between them as different sources in MimoLive).

Sorry to interrupt Nick’s thread, but that makes me thinking - can we choose mac’s window snapping as different sources for streaming or that’s impossible in Mimo? I have only tried streaming from different physical monitors before with a different screen recorder (this one).

Hi @Nick_Booker Sorry for not answering earlier, I missed this post.

The source resolution and frame rate is always kept intact. When you use the source in a layer, the layer scales and crops the source to the resolution needed and the output of.a layer is always the document resolution and frame rate, So, yes, you could use a 4K iMac screen capture and get 4 full HD virtual sources out of it.

Thanks Oliver! I dropped you an email too :blush:

I guess the answer is yes. You could set up 4 windows on the 4K display, screen grab it and position/crop the source using a placer layer in mimoLive so that it looks like 4 sources.

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