Screen Capture Way Off


Using the screen capture tool, the actual frame is way off the underlying content in Version 6.7b1 (30248)

Hi @Andreas_Randow_3203 It looks like this is sxpected. The aspect ratio doesn’t match and the Placer layer is set to “Fullscreenn” so that the top and bottom is cut off to be able to fill the entire canvas. Set the Placer to “Letterbox” and the entire capture area will be fit into the Program out.

@Oliver_Boinx : You are absolutely correct. My bad. That was apparently before my 5th coffee :slight_smile:

But while I have your attention, any chance an RTSP output destination is coming soon?

Hi @Andreas_Randow_3203 I’m glad that we could resolve the issue.

The RTSP output destination won’t be coming soon.