Scheduled Facebook Live

Hi Oliver! Long time. I’m trying to connect MimoLive to an existing Scheduled Facebook Live and it’s not showing up in the audience pull down as implied in your Facebook Live tutorial / note:

It sounds like MimoLive can discover a Scheduled Facebook Live event. Is this correct? How can I connect?

As far as I know, in order to stream to a scheduled Facebook Live event, you must stream to FB Live using a custom RTMP server. In order to do this, select “Custom RTMP Server” from the Service dropdown and then copy and paste the Server URL and Stream Key from Facebook Live Producer into mimoLive (see screenshot below).

You can go live to this at anytime before the stream starts and it will not start the FB live until the countdown in the top left hits 0 — in order to see this countdown and your stream preview, scroll up above the stream setup settings.

Also, as far as I know, it is not possible to stream to Facebook in full 1080p (1920x1080) from mimoLive using the stream key/RTMP. It will downscale to 720p (1280x720) even if you send a 1080p feed.

mimoLive team… is support for scheduled Facebook Live streams on the roadmap?

Thanks, Scott. Appreciate the fast reply. Just to 3x - your tech note: says this:Image 4-17-20 at 3.44 PM - which implies it should be just an audience choice. FWIW - both Switcher Studio and Streamyard had the ability to discover that a Scheduled Facebook Live was going to happen and offered a simple click to connect the stream to that.