Scaling unproportional?

Is it possible to scale an image unproportional? How?

No – there is no way to UN-proportionally scale an image.

You can zoom in and out, but the proportions stay the same (even though part of the image can fall outside the working stage area). I know this is not what you are asking to do, but you can try adding a MASK to a layer to sort of “force” unproportionality, but that’s kind of a cheeky way to get it done, and it’s not exactly what your goal is. There IS an obvious way to do it though – throw your image into Photoshop and scale it there. But going outside of FM is a pain.

I do have a question – WHY do you want to scale unproportionally and result in a distorted image? It sounds like “maybe” you’re trying to get an image to FILL the entire working stage area WITHOUT losing any of the sides or top to a black (or whatever color) background stripe. IF that’s your goal, in my opinion it’s better to just make the image FIT either horizontally or vertically and let the black background bars show.

I want to scale unproportionally in an animation of an abstract photography like this.

Interesting image – unfortunately, though, FM will not allow you to scale differently in each direction.