Save images of a presentation

Is it possible to export the images used in a presentation and save them separately?

I’m not quite understanding what you’re asking for – to make a slideshow you IMPORT images that you want to use. So you ALREADY HAVE THEM in order to create the presentation. So to ask if it’s possible to export images used in a presentation and save them separately doesn’t quite make sense. With the new version of FM 6.4 you now have the ability to save specific slides from within a show, and they will save as .fms files that can be opened in FM. But basically, no, you can’t export “images” used in a presentation.

If that didn’t answer your question, you need to be a bit more specific in describing what you want to do.

I would like to export the images and videos used in a finished presentation into a separate file directory with one click. I have created and shown a presentation and a friend would like to have exactly these pictures so that he can make a new presentation from them on a Windows computer.

I have found a solution. There is a folder Files in the directory of the presentation. All the files, pictures and films of the presentation are stored in this folder. However, they are not in the order in which they run in the presentation.

Correct (you’re digging down into the .fms package contents) – nor do they have the same names as the original files, either, so there’s no easy way to associate which file goes on which slide and in what order. I don’t think the intention of FotoMagico was to go in the opposite direction.

Since I ALWAYS create a new folder for every slideshow I want to make that holds every image or video that I want to include, the images are there in their original format with their original name. That way I can move the entire folder from one hard drive to another if I want to make a backup or store it off-line from my Mac’s hard drive. And, many times I add a number to the beginning of the slide name so that they maintain their order numerically within a folder (I’ve been using an app called A Better Finder Rename for years that makes that process easy).