Save function

Has the Save function been disabled in FM 5?

With whatever I have been able to create and work with in FM 5.0b32 so far (just experimental stuff), the Save function DOES WORK for me. I haven’t tried to save the slideshow for different mediums (iPad, etc), but the Save command seems to work.

Thanks stantastic for your comment. It is my save function that is not working. The share function is just fine, I have made several movies. I am using FM5.0b32 with OS10.11.

Save and Save As both do NOT work for me. I can share/export fine. Is this a bug or intentional?

Either way, I’m not encouraged to continue testing the beta if I can’t save work: even just for more nuanced testing later.

I’m using El Capital (10.11) so this might be specific to that Mac OS version.

I can’t confirm that – both “Save” and “Save As” work for me using FM 5.0b32 and El Capitan (10.11). Not what you want to hear, I’m afraid…