Save as breaks my Automations

Hi, I have Automated Scenes using automation to set global vales for each layer for example -
setGlobal($stinger, “41CA8931-F413-4C67-9278-496B4D7E51D4”)

I then use automation to generate different scenes for example -

This all works great, if I have a project where I want to use my mimo file as the basis for something new, I do a “save as” from my working document and give it a new name. (Document B)

When I open up Document B none of the automation works. I thought maybe the API endpoints change but they appear to be the same between the two documents. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes. Do not use “save as”.
Duplicate the file in finder and rename it afterwards. Make sure that only one clone is running the same time.

The current automation solution does not support dynamic naming. But you could redefine all the id’s by hand. (a save as creates new - unique - ids).

Boinx is working on several new functions for it. who knows, maybe there will be a way in future, which allowes another way.


Great thanks for the solution :+1:

You’re welcome. The power behind automation is outstanding.