Running PowerPoint on separate computer issue

We had a new issue in a stream last night. We were running a PowerPoint slide show from 2nd computer HDMI out through BM mini to thunderbolt to USB-C. The show had several Mimolive callers. We would get the PowerPoint in just fine, but when we moved off that PP layer to the callers, and went to return to the PP, it would be gone. The fix was disconnecting and re-connecting the BM device and it would re-appear. But we would need to do that each time we went to a different layer. Would this be a video rate issue? I think the BM device was at 1080p30 and we were streaming at 720. Any help would be appreciated, we have another one coming up soon.

I explored a similar problem with my macBookAir 2012. The PPT-Presentation is delivered trough HDMI, an SDI converter and finally passed into a DeckLink SDI-card. The Problem is caused by the old macBook. No other of my devices is causing this. So I changed the MacBook.

How do you place the presentation? (Video-Switcher, Placer?) Maybe you have to put the sources into a multiview.

Hi @ToddH I’m sorry to hear that you experience this issue. Can you please try mimoLive 5.9b1? We’ve fixed an issue that could be related to this and might also fix your issue.

Btw, my old MacBook still sucks here.