Running mimoLive on an M1 Mac

I know mimoLive is not fully M1 compatible (I look forward when it is, but know that it is a ton of work!). My 2014 iMac is not long for this world and I need a reliable computer. MimoLive is an important but only one part of my work, and I really don’t want to get another intel Mac at this point.

For anyone running mimoLive on an M1 do you have any pointers? Anything to avoid? What breaks frequently? What just works? Anything I should know?

@Kebbel I don’t know of any feature that doesn’t work. The problem is mostly perfomance. It has a tipping point up to that everything works fine and then suddenly everything doesn’t. So you need to be careful about how many sources you add, how many layers you use and how many playout destinations you run.

We completely agree: You shouldn’t buy a new Intel MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Mac mini at this point. But neither should you buy a new M1 because the M1 is an entry level model. It is darn powerful for the price and there is no faster portable Mac, but the 10 core i9 iMac 27" with the Radeon Pro 5700 XT still outperforms the current M1 models, especially in graphics. Of course this might change in the next few months when new Apple Silicon Macs might be released.

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Is there any guidance on what the “tipping point” is? For example, I generally have two shows… both are similar … 4 mimocalls, one has 20 layers, the other 22 (lots of variations)…All mimocalls and the program recorded separately…both generally work fine on my 2014 iMac 4Ghz Quad-Core i7 w/32GB Ram and AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB. I’ve been hoping that apple would introduce the new higher end chip “anytime” for the past 4-5 months as I’ve been having problems with the iMac.

… I was hoping to buy one of the “top of the line” :rofl: M1 mac minis as a bridge… then buy a top of the line MacBook Pro (or whatever they call it) whenever they are introduced and repurpose the mini to another task afterwards.

Any thoughts on whether this mini could get me through in the short term? $1500 for a mac mini is palatable, and I can then confidently move to the M1X or M2 whatever in the next few months. Spending $4500 or more on an intel iMac be a tough business decision ($CAD).

@Kebbel in my experience so far you can’t use the M1 in a live production environment. It’s just too unpredictable.

I was faced with the same issue as you needed to upgrade dated equipment so I got the top spec M1, but it just has not been reliable enough to use day to day.

I look forward to an ARM based version Of mimoLive with great anticipation. The reality is that there is no available timeline on when that will happen. I imagine it will require a complete rewrite of the code base as the current version relies on Quartz which is not an option for Boinx going forward. Apple deprecated it a couple of years ago.

My advice would be to buy a good second hand intel Mac to get you through this stage. It seems there are plenty on the second hand market as people upgrade to M1 based machines

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@hutchinson.james_boi Fortunately, the Quartz Composer part is not the road block to native M1 support, because - while being deprecated - it is present and M1 native on Big Sur and Monterey. While this means we are a lot closer to M1 than we thought, we still can’t provide a release date at this time.

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This is definitely not going to work on M1 at this time with mimoLive running in Rosetta.

Not without M1 native mimoLive. We don’t know yet how well mimoLive native will perform.

I see your point. You could consider that the top of the line Intel 27" iMac will be giving you great performance for a couple of years to come and there probably wouldn’t be a need to switch to M1X or M2 immediately. And although Intel Macs will take a hit in the second hand market, you could still sell it to recover some of the investment.

Thanks for the feedback. I probably will try to get my current iMac repaired, or as @hutchinson.james_boi suggests, finding something used. Looking forward to an Apple Silicon version of mimoLive!!! :smiley:

I have 3 M1-devices here, a MacPro 2013 and some macMinis (intel) and mimo is running on a Hackintosh. *gg Can’t wait for mimoLiveNativeM1. :slight_smile:

@JoPhi have you tried running MimoLive on the M1s? Max a few layers? Just curious of your experience…

I use it for quick drafting, but it’s not realy useful (on rosetta 2).
Sometimes, I use mimoLive as virtual audio/video cable for one source (iPhone/iPad), but for more it’s tooooo bottle-necked.

I also had one test-stream, one 1080p-cam + background. That was ok, at least till I added more.

I’m sure that it will beat the mac Pro 2013 (far ahead) in future, but rosetta and the non optimized memory story are the spoilsport.

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Just wondering if there is any update on a fully M1 compatible version of mimoLive? Or at least maybe when we can expect an update? (Especially if the rumours of the MacBook Pro’s coming soon are true!) Thanks in advance @Oliver_Boinx

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Dear Oliver, do we have an expected release date for the m1 version?