RTMP stream as a source (ffmpeg)

Helo there

I run on Mimo 6.0b8 (Mac - Intel) … and I am trying to add public RTMP stream as a source to Mimolive, but every time it ends with “Stopped” state.

  • I installed latest ffmpeg and add the destination folder to Mimo
  • I checket the rtmp address in different SW (VLS - runs smoothly)
  • I tried to add and remove the source

Is there any fix? RTMP stream does not even start in Mimolive. Any parameters for the input line for example?



Yes, it’s in beta. But you can find here a dive in into the lines you are looking for:

Hi @Jirik The next beta (mimoLive 6.0b9) will have a vastly improved FFmpeg source.

Hi @Jirik Please try mimoLive 6.0b9!