RTMP Restream Pull Link into mimoLive

With mimoLive now supporting RTMP ingests, I am looking to bring in Restream.io pull links, but it isn’t working.

What I’m looking to do: as there is no way to run a cellular bonded feed into Zoom, I am trying to use a LiveU Solo (will cellular bonding) to stream up to Restream.io and then on a computer back at my office or in the cloud, use the Restream.io RTMP pull link to bring the stream into mimoLive and then into Zoom — and keep that muted and with video off, unless there was an internet issue on the original streaming computer, in which case I would right away enable the offsite Zoom and the show would keep going!

The Restream.io pull links look like this: rtmp://live.restream.io/pull/play_2093851_39ae1aa1afb690f6ded7

I’d be happy to test this with someone and run a stream up to Restream.io

Should this be working? I’m trying to follow the mimoLive articles about using mimoLive with ffmpeg but it only shows it in regards to IP addresses. I am replacing the IP address with the restream.io pull link (like above)

@Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx , I’m also interested


The FFmpeg source supports this. You should be able to just put in

-i rtmp://live.restream.io/pull/play_2093851_39ae1aa1afb690f6ded7

into the ffmpeg source and it should work.

Great, that works. Thank you! Might be a good idea to add that to the documentation as I didn’t see it noted anywhere.

The audio is slightly out of sync with the video. If I open the RTMP stream in VLC, it is in sync, so I know my internet and the stream feed are fine. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I don’t see a way to delay the audio either.

Also, 4K streams seem to be super choppy, especially the audio (again, plays fine in VLC). I don’t plan to do this much, but wanted to know if that is expected.

I’m testing this right now by sending a feed out from mimoLive on one Mac up to Restream.io and then bringing it back down to another Mac running mimoLive as well. MimoLive project settings match on both computers when trying 1920x1080 30fps and 3840x2160 30fps respectively.

Thank you for looking into this.

Suggestion: you could use the minoCall-Output to „call“ your other mimoLive-Instance. A direct connection without „man in the middle“. There you‘ll see what max-quality will be available related to 4K. Good luck, the connection has to be really strong for something like this. Both, up- and downstream. And certainly the rendering.

The thing is, using RTMP pools from LiveU Solo to Restream allow use this encoding device with cellular bonding 4 networks in Solo version and 6 networks in Solo pro version.

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