RSS feed timed fade

Hello all!

I was wondering if someone came up with a way to do a timed fade for the RSS feed just like the lower thirds have time text control time. For instance, I have the lower 3rds timed at 12 seconds before they fade. Could I somehow have the RSS feed fade after so many times through the scroll or have a timed fade of seconds? I know their is not one by default, but I did not know if someone has come up with a script or something.

If you are familiar with QuartzComposer by Apple (comes free with every Mac on the Developer Tools) you can modify the existing layers and create your own. Adding a timed fade in/fade out to the crawler could be a bit complicated. You have to figure out how to implement this in the JavaScript based “Animation Controller” patch within the composition. Anyways you can hire us to implement it for you. For more information on custom layers please have a look at the “Customizing BoinxTV” section of the following webpage:

I might try using quartz, where do I tell quartz to look at the existing ticker so I can copy and modify it, i.e. what is the name of the ticker file?