Roland V-1HD driver

Has the Boinx team looked at an integrated controller for the Roland V-1HD, similar to what you do for Blackmagic ATEM products? I use the ATEM Production Studio 4K switcher but want to simplify to the more user friendly and lighter Roland 1-HD.

I asked the same question of the Roland folks and they shared that they could accept control via MIDI. Has anyone developed a Midi control layer that I might be able to adapt to the V-1HD?

The V-1HD is a hardware piece. The USB commands were designed to couple with our V-1HD RCS software so I cannot guarantee it will work with a third party software like Boinx. the unit does have MIDI out of the USB and it’s MIDI ports. You can use those to program and interface with programs.

Roland Pro A/V Support

I can’t really see any big gains by going with the Roland versus the ATEM.

Hi Jason … The core functionality for us is very much the same. We don’t use 4k or SDI so that’s a wash.

On the plus side:

  • Roland is smaller and lighter (frees up space inside our A/V audio/video mixer/switch case)
  • Hopefully a little bit quieter fan wise - both units have a fan
  • With the linear A/B handle and red/green buttons the unit could be pulled out of the case for manual camera selection and switching and paired with the iPad we are using to remote control our new SoloShot cameras. We’d dynamically use Boinx for PIP and titling, and either Roland or Boinx for actual camera selection. (Lot’s of static use for streaming, archiving, logos, etc.)
  • We can procure the Roland and sell the ATEM netting a small amount of cash.

On the downside:

  • might not interface to Boinx via midi for camera switching … or we might have to write our own drivers.

How about the ATEM Television Studio HD? You get manual push buttons and it’s rack mountable.

I hadn’t seen the Studio HD. It has 8 channels, 4 of which are SDI which we would not use in the near term but might be used in the future. Same price as Roland but does not have the manual A/B fader lever - definitely a rack mount and not able to pull out for use on the table top. But it does have an existing Mimolive control driver. Thanks!

Yeah, no problem. It does come with rubber feet if you want to use it on the tabletop. Or you can get the $85 rack shelf and rack mount it. They are in high demand, so supply is a bit limited right now.

I generalized the question and moved this discussion here.

The V-1HD arrived today. It’s quieter with less fan noise and the basic user interface is very intuitive for novice/volunteer producers. If I can write a little code to emulate the basic functionality similar to what we have in the Boinx ATEM controller I’ll be thrilled.