Review of 5.0b43

After a hang problem when trying to insert images and a crash problem when trying to use the timeline, the system stabilized and the above issues disappeared. However compared to the previous versions, I’m still not able to insert any audio file despite they are all compatible. So once I complete a slideshow, I open this one in release 4, insert an audio file, close it and than reopen in Beta 5.0. I can than work further on the slideshow. I haven’t retested the export function( read problem highlighted in one of my previous topics ) as well as creating and saving a snippet ( read also issue raised in a previous topic ).
As I will be changing computer in the coming days, I’ll try to come back before YE festivities, other wise it will be for next year.

I agree with JMVQ. The program hangs when trying to insert and audio file. It will work with audio that was inserted with FM4.