Reverse Animations….

In Fotomagico Ver 4.3 (Rev. 18574-F15846-R), I’m unable to reverse animations. When I try the command- r, the images disappear and I’m not able to change the zoom to get them back. I see a very small “image” in the left pane, but am not able to change its zoom. Undo brings it back, and by clicking on the image in the right pane and changing its zoom I can get the desired effect. I have always changed the zoom on the preselected image and then “reverse” to get it in the direction I want it to go.

I had a similar problem with the most recent released version, where there we issues with the media files going missing- but in that version the undo would not bring back the images to their previous state, they’d be gone. So it is similar, but much better now as it can be returned to where I can continue to work on the slideshow.

Any ideas?

Thanks. Joel.

I searched before posting, didn’t see the previously posted question about it.

It is not a new bug though. As I noted, it was doing something similar in the previous release of my non-Mac App Store version.

Sorry for the repeat question.

Thanks. Joel.

I can confirm that – Command-R is no longer “reversing” the animation as expected, and the results are as Joel stated (a tiny “image” – which is unzoomable) on the left pane.

Seems to be fixed in FotoMagico 4.3.1. Please update to this version!

Yes, fixed in 4.3.1