Return to Quick Time default settings for sharing

How do I return the QT default settings? Is there a help photo with the defaults listed?
Thank you.

QuickTime don’t have a default state, it is just a framework around a variety of audio and video codecs. Maybe you want to describe your needs for your exported QuickTime file then we would be able to recommend a certain setting.

I would like to export a slideshow to iDVD (or Toast?) that then can be played by a standard DVD player. Later to be played on an HDTV. Does not have to be the highest quality but clear images and smooth transitions would be good. Would a QT movie export (of some kind) be the best choice here or are there other options I am missing?

If you are going to use Toast or iDVD to burn your DVDs you should use FotoMagico’s “DVD” export preset. With this you will get the highest quality possible because Toast or iDVD don’t need to re-encode your exported movie. Please note, that a DVD format (by technical specification) has got a poor quality. Most users are very disappointed with the results. Compared to what you get on screen with a live playback by FotoMagico a DVD is only 1/4 of the pixels by 1/2 of the frame rate with compressed images. To come close to FotoMagico’ quality you have to burn a BlueRay Disc.

Thank you for the help and explanation. No BluRay so will try it out and see.

This is something that “burns” me :-S

We have a friend who uses the Windows-based application Pro Show Gold to create her slide shows which she sends out at the end of each year (as a substitute for a Christmas letter). It has video and audio, and includes many of the photos she has taken on her travels.

She sends it out on a DVD (NOT Blu-Ray) – which should imply that the quality should not be that great. BUT!!! – the photos look just as good as if they were being viewed on a computer monitor at full resolution!! They are crisp, clear, and nicely saturated.

I don’t know if she’s burning it directly from within Pro Show Gold, or generating a file that she burns using another application (I’m not familiar with how PSG does things). But she IS doing it. We just pop the DVD into our player and play it.

HOW is it being done? And why can’t the Mac do that?

Pro Show Producer in Windows is better than Fotomagico, but now I have a mac and I can´t get the same high quality slide shows, this is really frustrating…

I have never heard of Pro Show Producer.

So, are you saying that images on a standard DVD burned by that application look as good as the original images you would see on a computer screen, even when played back on an HDTV?