Request: optional Record layer

Hi Bastian. MimoLive does not have a layer associated with Broadcast or Record - it broadcasts and records only the finished product. I’d like to request/suggest that there be an optional Record Layer (and maybe for consistency an optional Broadcast Layer, too). If that layer exists in the stack the graphics at that level would be output to Record or Broadcast. If the optional layers do not exist then ML defaults to the top completed video for Recording and Broadcasting.

The reason for this request is as follows: We want to record a live event for long term use, but we want our live broadcast to have additional messages only for real-time audience like when the broadcast resumes, how to send in questions, etc. But we don’t want those messages on the permanent recording. We’d typically put our Record layer second from the top just under a title layer and would Broadcast the entire stack.


Hi All … as mimoLive progresses I’d like to throw this feature request for a Stream (and perhaps Record) layer back onto the heap.

It’s not an April Fools joke, just a flash from the past … 7 years ago!

Is there a way to simultaneously stream the Program Output and permanently record from a different level of the stack? This mimiLive Syphon Doc is exactly my use case but I need both audio & video in the file.

I know we can do this using a Syphon layer for video only and a separate Program Out set for audio only … with the Syphon Record app running and recording … and then blend the audio and video files back together in post-production.

But that requires trusting a separate app (Syphon Record) is running and recording … and that audio and video can be synched and stay in synch when the files are blended.

My preference is to have the existing File Record layer be able to choose from not only video sources and Program Out, but also record audio and video from a new intermediate output layer in the stack – just like the existing Syphon Out layer does now.

This is possible, since some years:

Grab your Syphon Layer as Syphon Source within the same document and select it as Source for your video recording’s output destination. Together with your audio. :slight_smile:

If the 1 to 3 images of delay are to huge for you, move around the Audio with a cut program of your choice (without re-encoding the video).

@JoPhi That was simple … thanks!

My understanding of Syphon is that it does not require encoding and decoding so I presume the CPU overhead will be minimal. Awesome!

You’re welcome. I hope I can read a success story! :raised_hands: