Request: Audio/Music editing in Timeline - Please

I’ve requested this via feedback re: Beta 6 but will add it to this forum and my request is this:
Please, please, please, please, please give users the ability to modify music volume and timing/length in the Timeline as opposed to just under “Options”. I waste so much time trying to put music I want, how I want with what I want the way “Options” for “Audio” is now.

Thank you

Hi, ojuans –

What are asking for is already in the application :slight_smile: With your audio track showing in the Timeline and selected, you should see a yellow line running along the top of the audio track. Do a Command-Click to create a volume control point along that line and move the point up or down (or left or right) to adjust the volume and where you want it to occur. You can insert as many as you want. To delete a point, do another Command-Click on an existing point and it will go away. Do an Option-Click within the audio track and you can move it left (or right) to adjust when the track starts. Turn off the Automatic Fade-In or Fade-Out options, and you can move the Fade-In/Out control points at either end of the track to adjust those as well.

Hope that helps…