Reporter crashes on connect?

We use Reporter on an iOS device to provide another camera input to mimoLive. Starting a few weeks ago Reporter crashes on connect. I’ll get maybe a frame or two of video before the crash, so there is some communication.

Are other seeing this? I submitted a issue on 12/22/19, but haven’t seen a reply other than the initial auto response.

I suspect that this issue started when the iOS device was updated to iOS 13, but haven’t been able to test with a non-updated device.

We see the same issue with all the other devices (all on iOS 13) we’ve tried. We’ve done the basics (restarts, new mimoCall ID, etc.).

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Yes, it is related to iOS 13. Currently working on a fix. I will let you know when it’s ready for testing.


I just learned that one of the devices we’ve been trying is on iOS 12.4.4 but shows the same issue.

Has any progress been made with this? We weren’t aware of this issue until we went to use it this week and we had to quickly find an alternative solution which was very disappointing.

I’m sorry about the disappointment. The update will be available soon. There are more technical challenges than we anticipated…

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Will you have time to release a new working version by may 1, 2020? We plan to use it at a big event. Thanks!

It’s currently being tested. I expect to submit it to the App Store next week.

Will microphone support be implemented via Airpods?

I’m also experiencing crashes upon connection using Reporter. Have restarted apps. Seems the moment there is a connection Reporter crashes on the production phone, which is an iPhone 6S. Is this phone too old to be running Reporter?

Sorry about the issues. Your phone is not too old, it’s an issue with iOS13. Update is on the app store awaiting approval from Apple.

  • New versión 2.2 seems not fixed the crash issue (iphone 6s 13.3.1)
  • Mimolive 5.4 and 5.4.1 crash at opening in El Capitan

Hi, can you please send us the crash reports?


Please send to me by direct message.

Hello @MBCMedia and everyone , I apologize for the inconvenience and the wait. We have repaired the mentioned issues (crash from 12.4.4, 13.3.1, and some other bugs). The mimoLiveReporter version 2.3. has been submitted for review (to the AppStore). As soon as the review process finishes, I will inform you. Stay tuned!

Hi everyone , the mimoLiveReporter v2.3. is available for download.