ReplayKit info?

Is there any info on the ReplayKit Broadcasting extension mentioned on the iTunes page?

@wetcircuit iOS has a streamlined workflow for Replay Kit broadcast extensions. In iOS 10 it is mandatory that the app you want to stream live supports Replay Kit itself. There needs to be some kind of UI in the app that lets you start a live stream. Using this UI you may be able to activate your camera and microphone. Before starting the live stream you will be presented a system dialog that lets you choose from a list of broadcast extensions installed on your device.

Having said that it is worth noting that this behavior is likely to change in iOS 11 which promises to make live streaming much easier for every app.

Using the mimoLive Reporter broadcast extension you need to create a streaming destination in the main app first. To do so open mimoLive Reporter, tap Configure (or the gear button inside the Start Show button), enable Stream Live and then Add New Destination. Once you have at least one destination set up you can select it in the mimoLive Reporter broadcast extension. In case you added a YouTube account, please bring some patience as it may take a while until their server responds and your YouTube broadcasts show up in the destinations list.

So if you want to give the broadcast extension a try you need a Replay Kit enabled app. Unfortunately I am not aware of a comprehensive list on the internet. There are a couple of games that support it, most prominently Vain Glory, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Pokémon Go, Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5. There are probably a lot more that I am unaware of.

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds has support for live streaming although it is very buggy. (The trick is to have some movement on the screen like a blinking text cursor before starting live streaming. And don’t start interactive audio during the live stream. And don’t rotate your device.)

Procreate also has support for live streaming.