Rendering Issues on Export

Having a lot of issues rendering content. Looks perfect in preview on Fotomagico 5 (5.0b53) When rendering there is pixilation on many transition types and transition color issues if the background color is not ‘black’. Looks perfect when using the application. Only output. Have tried Apple TV 3 and youtube exports.

Is anyone else having the same issues.

See Screen Shot link below

  • Pixilation during all 3d or animated transitions.
  • Background color issues during transitions. Black is bleeding.
  • After render the Fade transition uses black not the background color. At the end of the transition the background color flashes.

If these are new issues I can post a youtube video. Using a iMac (Late 2014).

Screenshot Link
Examples of Pixilation and background color issues

Tested on 5.0b54 - Same results. But now app quits unexpectedly after every render. New to this version.

When I switched the background color from white to black rendering appears to be fixed. Could be an issue when using a non black background.

Tested on 5.0b55 - Still not rendering correctly if background is set to white.

Workaround - Create an image layer that is white and add it to all the slides you need a white background for. Transitions then work fine. (FYI - I wish you could copy a layer to multiple slides. I used this feature a lot in Proshow Producer)

Tested on 5.0b59 - Still not rendering correctly if background is set to white. Hope this if fixed before final release.

Tested on 5.0b65 - Not yet fixed.

I wonder if I am the only user that is experiencing this issue, it seems pretty major.