Render issues while Safari is open

Last night, doing a 2 cameras job, I had a strange issue

I started the Mimolive facebook date send 5 minutes prior to start the facebook transmission

When the event begin, I start Mimolive recording and went to facebook Live producer webpage to initiate the transmission.

At the moment I did that, the recording begin to lost several frames, visually noticeable in the computer monitor.

After several trial-and-error procedures, I figure out closing Safari solve the problem

Mac Mini M1 16gb RAM
Big sur 11.6.2
Mimolive 6b5
Decklink duo 2 - Sonnet echo express I

Any thoughts?

Hi @JMVBMW this is very strange. Did you check the actual recording to see if the frames were also missing there? If Safari being open somehow slows down UI display, you would see frames dropped in the Program out view, but not actually in the recording or the live stream.

Regarding the recording, Mimolive did trigger the alarm about the dropped frames in the output destination
Regarding the streaming, Mimolive did not trigger the alarm in output destination, but the dropped frames was visible in the facebook transmission (and in the facebook stored recording)

Hi @JMVBMW Thanks for your patience and help trying to resolve this.

Can you please let me know what version of the Blackmagic Duo 2 you have installed? The cameras are connected to the Duo 2, correct?

@Oliver_Boinx Do you mean, what BM Video Desktop? 12.2.1

Yes, the cameras are connected to Decklink Duo 2

Another user reported big performance improvements with BMD Desktop Video 12.2.2

Can you please try that? Also, please send me the document via DropBox, WeTransfer or similar.

What video format did you use? 1080p30? 1080p60?

The document video format in cameras is the same as document, 720p59.94

I’ll try it and I’ll report back

I have replicated the issue conditions, same cameras, same ML document, now with BM Video Desktop 12.2.2 and seems like the issue is gone

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting your findings and I’m glad it could be resolved. Happy holidays!

Yes, I also explored this also. And, here something to prevent further issues with 12.2.2:

At desktop video setup you have to add a name and a serial number for each of your device(s). Especially with sonnet box (I use two the same time), you can avoid pci-slot-missmatch-lottery-phenomenon. Yes, sometimes it’s like a lottery, how macOS mounts the devices. With a name for the device, and a serial number, you can reduce this lottery-effect. I just used something like this:

Good luck,

Ps: And yes, the 12.2.2-Drivers do have troubles with 25fps processing.