Remote location Using MimoLive Reporter

Hello all.

I have a upcoming event that I am looking to cover using MimoLive, and Mimo LIve Reporter. The event is at a Casino, and it is a Music Awards Show. I will set up MimoLive backstage, and I will recieve a video feed from a external video switcher that is switching 3 cameras that are covering the main stage, and feeding some video projectors. so I am reciving “program Out” from that swithcer, and a audio feed from the house audio board.

Because this is an awards show, when the recording artists recieve thier award on stage, after their acceptance speeches, they will be escorted to a location that is a considerable distance away from stage and MimoLive. This is where I hope to use MimoLive Reporter.

What we would like to do is conduct interviews with each winning recording artist, and use MimoLive Reporter as a remote relay camera with audio back to MimoLive which is backstage.

So here are my questions and concerns:

1.) Using MimoLive Reporter, what is the best way for me to reduce lag when I switch to MimoLive Reporter via a Mimocall connection? I plan to have a Wifi Router connected via Ethernet at the remote location, and create a network that only the IOS devices will utilize, as it will be password protected. Will that be fast enough to provide a good viewing experience for the people that will watch the stream we create?

2.) We plan to have the interviewer use a handheld Mic going into a analog mixer, and then out of the mixer into a I-Rig which would be connected to a IOS device running MIMOLive Reporter. We assume that MimoLive Reporter will combine the video and audio and send it back to MimoLive backstage. However, we will need to be able to have the interviewer be able to talk to the MimoLive operator. How can we accomplish that?

Thank you to anyone who can provide any assistance!