Regenerate mimocall ID from API

Hi - is it possible to re generate the ID via the api?

I can’t find a doc that would indicate a region

e.g. /api/v1/documents//sources/

“type”: “sources”,
“attributes”: {
“audio”: true,
“call-room-id”: “xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”,
“summary”: “Connecting to Boinx Connect…”,
“is-connected-to-partner”: false,
“tally-state”: “program”,
“gain”: 1,
“is-static”: false,
“video”: true,
“name”: “Interviewer”,
“source-type”: “com.boinx.mimoLive.sources.webRTCSource”

I can change the text simply with a PUT and

payload of

       "name": "a new name",

Not clear what the payload is for re gen? Thanks in adv.

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I’m also confused about. I’d simply need an Endpoint which would do the same thing as the renew-button would do. @Achim_Boinx? …/sourceID/renewCallId

I want to write a call manager in php to avoid overload because of a published call url, and also with auto-redirecting people to other free slots, also “try later”, when all slots are full.

Resurfacing this topic: any way to generate the mimoCall ID via API call and get the new ID in the response?

:cry::cry::cry::cry: Unfortunately, not. I’d need this very soon. I did some kind of program, which is able to redirect callers between zoom and mimoCall-slots.