Recreate slideshow from app

I am in a heck of a bind. We created several slideshows that we used in a production a couple years ago. They were exported to the standalone player and then run from a laptop during the show. We are re-mounting this production and the images need to be updated a bit. The problem is we no longer have the original .fms slideshow files, just the standalone app files. Is it possible to recreate the slideshow file from the standalone app file so that we could make a few updates and then re-export it to a new standalone file? Trying to recreate the slideshows with timings and transitions would be a nightmare if we had to do it from scratch. Any ideas?

Thank you so much for your time,

There is only a hacky way of doing this: Because we wanted to protect the media used in the slideshow we encrypt them before storing them into the slideshow player. But the slideshow timing is not encrypted. What you can rescue is the slideshow data, but not the media files. Here is how to do this:

  • Use FotoMagico to produce an empty document saved on your desktop. Close the document in FotoMagico.
  • Right-click on that document icon in Finder to get the context menu for it. Select “Show Package Contents”, you will then see the FotoMagico Document structure in that Finder window.
  • open a new Finder window (command-N) and find your old Slideshow Player app.
  • Also Right-click on it to get into the Package Contents.
  • Find the “Slideshow.plist” file in the Players Package Contents window and copy it to the empty document window. Replace the existing file there.
  • Reopen the “Empty” document with FotoMagico.

It should show the timeline of your old slideshow. If the original images of the sow are still available on you computer FotoMagico will find them in reimport them. If not, you has to exchange the files one by one. But at least the timing has been recovered.