Recovering older slideshows!

Dear all, here’s my problem! I am running Big Sur on Mac currently but that is unrelevant for my issue I think. I have some older slideshows (app extension) which I wanted to view. When I click on them, I get a Mac pop-up message saying that the App needs to be updated/modified by the developer. Instead I changed the extension from .app to .fms so that it opens in the Fotomagico Editor. I then see that all the images are flagged as missing media files. I can relink/relocate them all to their new location on my HDD. So far, so good. Then however I am warned that the images are excessively large. I then rescale them all. As soon as I do that, again all the images are marked as missing media files. I can start all over but I am going round in circles :frowning:
What can I do to recover these slideshows without starting from scratch. Some of them have hundreds of pictures with music and captions.
Thank you for any useful advice!!

Your best plan is to contact Boinx Tech Support. They usually respond very quickly.

Hi @luno We’re about to release an update for FotoMagico. Thanks for your patience.

Oliver: any hint as to when the new version will be released?