Recovering from a crash

Recently, MimoLive completely crashed mid-show. When I trigger “Start Show” There are a whole cascade of actions, including intro music, logo, Show title, etc. When we crash and relaunch we want to go live immediately without the intro stuff. Is there a way to trigger going live without the additional actions? Same thing for show end…we’d like to be able to immediately terminate a broadcast without rolling credits, outro music, etc. How might I set this up?

Sorry to hear about mimoLive crashing. We always keep an eye on the crash reports so make sure you report that information using the system’s dialog after mimoLive has crashed.

Regarding your question:
You can always start or stop output destinations independently of the show. That means that you can start streaming/recording immediately without waiting for your intro to complete. This will not start the show timer and will not allow you to use the show outro configuration, though. (But there is something in the next release that can help out with that, so stay tuned).