Recording button flashing yellow

hi all!
we are bout to start our first show tomorrow… really eyciting :slight_smile:

there is only one thing we couldn´t find out:
the record-to-disc button turn yellow every now and then. we are already using prores422LT, so encoding should be no issue.
is that fine ??? the manual doesn´t descibe this state …

running on a current macbookpro. thanks, chris

Bane of my existence, Chris and not limited to Mimo.

The Yellow means the encoder is too slow. This isn’t a mimo thing it’s a mac hardware thing.

I’ve found the following helps:

  • Make sure there’s nothing else graphical sitting open on the same machine
  • Recording or broadcasting? Both? If recording - make sure the FPS and resolution are the same as the input. I sometimes record AND broadcast and I usually land up losing the recording because it just won’t handle both. Recording/broadcasting at 720p helps. Recording 1080 and broadcasting 720 sometimes work. If you have another way of recording - I’d do that as a backup.

Easiest way to test all this is run a fake show for 30 mins then play it back - if it’s fine, then no problem. Sure others will have views on this.

Yellow light means bad things. Usually, you will find that the recorded video will have messed up frame rates, and you will lose sync between the audio and video.

As Andrew said, minimize any extra processing for mimoLive by making sure your input signal matches the document size/framerate. Your recording settings should match as well.

thanks, that´s what i thought… just didn’t´ find out in the manual…
our macbook is too slow. hey! lets get a new one :smile: