Recommendations for HDMI ->USB-C(TB3) adapters?

I know in the past there were recommendations for MimoLive adapters. I need to buy another adapter for streaming to YouTube at 1080p max. I know most people are recommending NDI, but I’m trying to keep it inexpensive. Last one I used was a Magewell USB capture HDMI ~$300. Seeing if there are useable cheaper suggestions. Now I’m connecting to a 2019/2020 intel MBP. Any suggestions?

I do now see that Blackmagic has a HDMI to TB3 converter for $115. Since I used the original Blackmagic devices on old computers, I presume that will be the best bet. Am I correct?

Bob Dronski

I’m working on a document recommending various solutions. The BMD DeckLink Mini Recorder 3G is a good choice as TB3 is generally better than using USB-C. If you have more than one, I recommend to get a PCIe expander box and a BMD DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder card for best handling/performance. Not cheap, but gives you 4 HDMI inputs.