Receiving "encoder way too slow" when trying to stream

Hello, I am attempting to live stream to youtube but when I start the stream it says “encoder way too slow.” Any ideas of what the issue is? I am using a brand new mac pro with MimoLive.

I’m also experiencing this, with a brand new mac book pro.
2.5 Ghz i7
16Gb DDR3

This can’t be right.

Um running the latest 2.5b3 version. I want to test Axis PTZ and Facial control

I’m streaming with 640x360 on 1200kBit/s
Which should not require that much.

@“Virgar Poulsen” @Ctripi Thank you for using mimoLive. We’re currently investigating this issue. Can you please let me know:

a) Are you recording at the same time? If so, what format?
b) Are you using any layer with a frosted glass effect?

Thank you for your cooperation.

No, not recording.
no effects.

streaming as clean as possible.

I’ve also tried to lower the output resolution to a minimum.

But the problem still occurs.

I’m also experiencing the same issues when attempting to stream to Facebook…

Has there been any possible solution??