Receive Settings NDI issue?


I’ve downloaded the latest demo because I wanted to see how mimoLive works with my new NDI Camera.
I installed the latest NDI (4.5) from NewTek and I can see in the NDI Receive Settings the camera is detected but I can’t get any image in the Placer nor audio (see attatched screenshot). The iSight camera does work.
I’ve also checked with NewTek NDI Video Monitor and OBS and there are no problems: I’m getting video and audio.
Any ideas what could be doing wrong in mimoLive?


@Mich Thanks for giving mimoLive a chance!

Did you install the “NDI HX Driver for Mac” from the website as well?

I also have the Mevo cam. It is a great camera!

Hi Oliver,

Yes, I did. Not sure which version (it doesn’t say anything) The “NewTekNDIHXDriverForMacOS.dmg” is from 22-09-2020

I’m having the same issues. I can receive video from the New Tek Video Monitor App but can’t get it into Mimo… I’m able to get audio but the video does not come through. I’ve tested on 2 different Android Phones Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 10, with the same result.