REC 2020 (HLG) instead REC 709

Is Fotomagico able to export in Rec 2020 (HLG) instead of REC 709 ?

Hi @Richard33 Thanks for reaching out. Rec 2020 HLG is currently not supported. The internal image format is 8 bit RGBA so that exporting in 10 bit doesn’t make sense. I’ll put your request down as a feature request for HDR 10 bit support.

Thank’s for your answer.
TV are able to show us HDR movies nowadays.
And the différence with SDR is amazing.
Even a small Cam as the DJI Pocket can capture HLG-HDR clip.
So it’s time for FM to adopt an output (and capture) in HDR-HLG-Rec2020 and not only SDR-Rec709.

I Hope we will not have to wait for a long time

See you soon.